Just Released - K Tuned Side Feed Air Intake Manifold - K20 K24

Applications: K20 and K24 engines in EG, DC2, EK (w/ EG subframe only) plus the 2002-2006 RSX and 2006-2011 8th Gen Civic. Throttle body Fitment: K-Tuned 90mm TB or any TB with a 86-93 Ford 5.0L Mustang flange.

NOTE: The stock water pump needs to be modified and a K-Tuned AC/PS Eliminator Pulley setup must be used. For our K-Tuned Intake Manifold project we partnered up with a long time friend and owner of Magnus Motorsports to design a performance intake manifold to properly fit multiple K-powered cars. We worked with Magnus previously when they helped us out with the custom intake manifold on our awesome K20 powered RX7. Magnus is well known in the aftermarket industry for their high quality intake manifolds and they have been designing and welding up their own product for several years now.

We knew the Magnus design worked, but wanted to collaborate and find an overall manifold layout that addressed the fitment concerns on several different Honda chassis. Clearance to the rad support and the hood were areas that needed attention, so we lowered the plenum and shortened the runners a little bit, while still keeping a clean entry angle into the head port. The result was exactly what we were looking for, a big plenum, short runner, performance intake manifold that fits numerous vehicles. This specific intake manifold design is being offered exclusively by K-Tuned and makes significant top end power gains over the factory intake manifold on both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications. Note that the stock water passage needs to be modified and a K-Tuned AC/PS Eliminator Pulley setup must be used.

The K-Tuned Intake Manifold features a very large 4.78L sheet metal plenum shaped in the signature tapered Magnus format. If you look closely at the plenum base and the TB flange, you'll find two custom 6061 billet aluminum pieces that are precision machined using a CNC 3D profiling process. This special CNC process is what ultimately helped make this manifold design possible, allowing us to make the necessary multi-axis CNC cuts. The 90mm throttle body flange matches up perfectly to the plenum and is tapered inward to ensure there is no restriction to the incoming air. The throttle body bolt pattern matches up to the 86-93 Ford Mustang 5.0L specs, which means our K-Tuned 90mm Throttle bodies will bolt up seamlessly.

The custom billet plenum base is a work of art, with four precision machined internal V-stacks that are designed to increase runner entry air speed. We also provided 3 x 1/8 NPT vacuum ports that are neatly tucked away on the plenum base, and positioned between each runner. The runners themselves, measure 5.75" long with a large diameter of 1.875", and are capable of supplying even heavily modified K-Series engines with plenty of air. The manifold flange at the cylinder head is available for K20 and K24 heads and is another 6061 billet piece, that maintains proper port entry and injector angles.

More details here......

Included with our manifold is a brushed aluminum K-Tuned Fuel Rail, which is held in place on a rail mount that is designed to keep the stock phenolic fuel rail spacers in place and accept both stock or aftermarket K-Series fuel injectors. As usual, we include all the hardware, specifically the bolts for mounting the manifold to the cylinder head and the 4 bolts for our throttle body. Last, but not least, we placed an aluminum K-Tuned badge on the front of the plenum to add a nice finishing touch.

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